Not the Devil is a staged photography series and represents the exotic Eastern atmosphere. It expresses the events and the impacts of the devil on the palace's residents. The photos are taken with a Phase One medium format digital camera because the sizes of the printed photographs are 170x140 cm, and combined lighting has been used within Profoto flash and an arri 6000 ARC.

The story

It's the story of a mansion in no place and no time, but familiar to people all over the world.
A world that is dominated by power, wealth, and lust; of course, survival is the only element in the life story. People who are struggling tosurvive and are always moving in a constant cycle, but these three principles are the main cause of all wars, massacres, and destruction ofhuman beings. Authorities who are passionate about power and wealth, gather together, whether openly or secretly. Wars of attrition,thrones, betrayals, and the history that, with endless repetition, have destined man with a predetermined destiny.
The king is the higher power of the city, ignorant and lavish, with wounds of which he is not even aware.
Queen; A symbol of the power-seeking that the world is grappling with every day with murder and betrayal.
The royal consort; Most intimate, trustworthy, confider, is a symbol of an excessive desire for wealth and wealth seekers.
Little lady; The dancer and king's coquette, who is a symbol of the lust of the people.
Demon; Someone who closes our eyes at the moment of error or each of us who consciously closes our eyes.
Middle East, west, north, and south of this world are full of world-conscious maids with sighted eyes. People are unable to change andunable to organize the times (someone who stares at the camera in all the frames)
Frame 1 (introduction): a picture of the people of the mansion and the king's luxury.
Frame 2: The queen symbolizes power-seeking, the king who is asleep, and the sighted maid who has been raped (wound on the king's backsymbolizes ignorance and stabbing in the back).
Frame 3: the royal consort, a symbol of wealth seeking.
Frame 4: little lady, a lustful dancer.
Frame 5: The ointment that the queen makes and gives to the maid.
Frame 6: An ointment that is actually poison, and a maid who is forced to give the ointment or poison to the king by the Queen's command.Last frame; Murder of the king: Funeral services for the king and queens who got what they wanted.
Power, wealth, and lust are the winners of this story. A bondwoman who is the image of the people of the world; People who see becomedesperate, and powerless toys of power. The lust that rules recklessly and the wealth that targets every day and every moment the life of achild in Africa, a woman in Afghanistan, and a man in Pakistan.
Not the Devil; Is the devil really the wandering soul according to religions or is it the darkness within us?

The discovery

The concept

The design

The results

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