Maziar Khalighi


About me

I am a seasoned photographer and dedicated photography instructor with a passion for fine art photography, having embarked on my professional journey in 2005. My work initially drew inspiration from an orientalist and exotic perspective on Eastern legends, enriched by influences such as Edward Said. Holding a Master's degree in Art and Photography, I have explored themes like feminism in my expanding portfolio. In 2023, I moved to Dubai, attracted by the vibrant opportunities for artists. Previously, I lectured in Iran, where teaching photography was my favorite endeavor, allowing me to share my knowledge and inspire the next generation of photographers.

What I do

I push the limits on photography to develop images that amaze my clients and their customers.

I have worked with the best agencies in the business to push my skills forward and become the photographer I aspire to be.

The photos below are a summary of my best works.

The process

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